Author name: Paul

UFO Article for Chine Magazine

I’ve written a piece, albeit under the pseudonym Eliza Hindergraph, about a UFO sighting for Chine, a special edition magazine looking at the unusual phenomena on The Isle of Wight. Although entirely fictional it is presented as a serious, journalistic publication, drawing on real folklore for inspiration. You can still buy a digital copy of …

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Feature: Nostalgia Done Right

Nostalgia Done Right is World Geekly News’ occasional look at the films and shows which trade in retro-goodness but don’t just use obvious era-appropriate music, fashion, props etc for a quick response of “Oh, I remember that…”. The callbacks they make to the bygone times and the beloved properties they reference come from a place …

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Feature: human:KIND

human:KIND is a semi-regular feature created for World Geekly News to address personal issues which affect us all, the things that make us all human. Topics like body confidence, friendship, mental health and more are covered in these pieces. Here are all the articles I have written for the series: Be Excellent To Each Other …

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