BAIT: A Badgers Crossing Novella – OUT NOW!

Bait: A Badgers Crossing Novella.

Two children and a badger flee through the forest, pursued by shadow assailants.

Paul’s debut novella – Bait – is available to buy right now. Head on over to Amazon to grab your copy in either paperback or Kindle eBook (also available for loan if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited).

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BAIT is the latest story in the Badgers Crossing series and can be enjoyed by all ages. It’s a standalone story, but it also references and follows up on several characters and storylines in last year’s Tales From Badgers Crossing.

For over seventy years, Bert Smallwood has cared for the wildlife and flora of Penlock Forest. Now he’s too old and infirm, he asks ten-year-old Debbie Carter, the closest thing he has to a granddaughter, to take on the responsibility.

Tania Hunt has lived her entire life in the shadow of her legendary jewel thief father. When she hears that the forest, and one valuable asset in particular, is no longer protected, she seizes the opportunity to make a name for herself in the criminal underworld.

As Debbie and her school friend Ty Grant make their way to Bert’s cottage for the night, they’re unaware of the dangers – both human and otherwise – that lie ahead.

An exciting adventure with a supernatural edge.

Bob Fischer, Fortean Times columnist and creator of the Haunted Generation website said:

“Great fun – the Children’s Film Foundation with a whiff of Arthur Machen.”

BAIT also includes a second tale from Badgers Crossing – Eleanor Culpepper and the Crossroads Book.

Tales From Badgers Crossing – OUT NOW!

Paul’s debut short story collection from Greenteeth Press – featuring an introduction from Fortean Times columnist and Frightful podcast host Peter Laws – is available to buy NOW. Pop over to to get your copy.

“Whimsical, charming and a little mysterious, Badger’s Crossing is a delightfully earnest conundrum of a town, and visitors should heed the warning- Be Careful How You Go.”
Gemma Amor, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Dear Laura and Full Immersion.

Tales From Badgers Crossing features new versions of some of your favourite stories from as well as many brand new, never seen before spooky tales.

Reviews for Tales From Badgers Crossing

“Childs has a remarkably easy-to-read writing style, with a very light touch. He’s developed an incredibly welcoming narrative voice that invites you in and pulls you through the stories effortlessly. That’s not something which is easy to achieve by any stretch of the imagination.”
Andrew Lyall, Author of 17 Stories of Death & Desire

“The prose crackles with energy and is engaging in the way it delivers such many and varied concepts.”
Matt Adcock, Author of Complete Darkness

Other reviewers on Amazon and Goodreads said:

“A charming collection from a talented author.”

“A brilliant collection of spooky short stories.”

“Paul weaves a very fun, spooky collection of tales.”

“Take a trip to Badgers Crossing, you won’t forget it!”

“A twisty, turny, sometimes funny, always spooky collection of tales from a clearly accomplished author at the height of his powers.”