If you need content for your website or print project including articles and lists on subjects like Film, TV, Music, Horror, Nostalgia, the 1980s, Public Information Films, Retro Sweets and 8-Bit Video Games (especially ZX Spectrum), or would like a short story tailored for a particular person or event (for example, a ghost story for a Christmas reading, or an adventure with someone you know as the hero or villain) then please drop me a line on Twitter or my Contact page to discuss further.

My influences include The League of Gentlemen, Chris Priestley (Tales Of Terror series), Terry Pratchett, Stephen Volk (Ghostwatch), Nigel Kneale, Peter Laws, Stephen King, Richard Littler (Scarfolk), The Mighty Boosh, Grant/Naylor (Red Dwarf), David Southwell (Hookland), Bob Fischer (Haunted Generation), Tom Slemen (Haunted Liverpool), Algernon Blackwood, Douglas Adams, Usborne’s Supernatural Guides, the magazines Your Sinclair, Viz, Fortean Times, Scream! and 2000AD, and spooky 70s/80s children’s TV shows like Doctor Who, Children of the Stones, The Enchanted Castle and Dramarama.

Special mention goes to Mr McGeown, my junior school headmaster, who kickstarted my interest in both ghost stories and writing.

You will find examples of my work at the sites below, but I will also occasionally highlight individual lists, articles, interviews and short stories I have written on the Featured Work page.

Badgers Crossing

Home to many of my short stories and also the name of the fictional town where most of them are set. My stories tend to be Horror, fitting into the subgenres of Ghost Story, Science Fiction and Strange Fiction. They are usually gentler in nature than a lot of Horror as I prefer to build tension and atmosphere than rely on jumps and gore for my scares. As a result, my stories are often suitable for most ages.

Over the last year or so, a number of other writers have joined the site, providing their own creepy tales set in and around Badgers Crossing.

World Geekly News

A pop culture website with a growing readership and a small but dedicated team of writers, each with their own speciality. I act as co-editor and provide content for it. New articles, reviews and features are added every weekday.

Listen to episode 37 of Man About A Dog Movie Podcast to hear Paul and fellow editor Kyle talk about how WGN came about.

Film Stories Magazine

Having written about pop music in films for him in a previous editorial role, Simon Brew invited me to join his new publication last year with a monthly page of music recommendations where I choose five tracks each issue and share the interesting stories of how they became the songs we love from the films we love.

I also maintain an ever-growing Spotify playlist with all the songs I choose each month – but you’ll still need to buy the magazine to read the stories! Issue 1 (December 2018) was my first ever paid writing work for a print publication.

With the kind permission of Film Stories, you can read an example of one of my pages here.

Or you could pop over to one of the outlets where I have had my work published. I have had non-fiction pieces published on Den of Geek and Ginger Nuts of Horror, and I have submitted a piece to Folklore Thursday which will be published soon. As well as my own Badgers Crossing site, I have also had short stories published by Hallowscream comic and Your Truth online magazine.