Feature: human:KIND

human:KIND is a semi-regular feature created for World Geekly News to address personal issues which affect us all, the things that make us all human. Topics like body confidence, friendship, mental health and more are covered in these pieces. Here are all the articles I have written for the series:

  • Be Excellent To Each Other – Sometimes a small act of kindness can have a massive effect on someone. I share a personal story about a friend who thanked me for one many years afterwards.
  • Knowing When To Stop – Giving up on something that may be causing you pain or stress isn’t necessarily a sign of failure.
  • Getting Back on Track In The New Year – It can be difficult getting back into a routine after Christmas and New Year celebrations so I share some practical advice.
  • Why Digital Friendships Matter – I explain how online friendships kept me going after moving to a new city.
  • Take A Hike – I talk about my new found passion for hiking and how it can be good for both your physical and mental health.
  • Lonely In A Room Full Of People – Introverts can often be accused of being shy or aloof, so I dispel some of those myths from my own experience.