Short Story: Grey Mary

This was written to be read aloud at a Ghost Story event in Manchester just a week before Christmas 2019. Although attendance was low, it received a good reception, which is always heartening.

Grey Mary is based on a real folk tradition called Mari Lwyd which takes place in the winter months in South Wales. Folk Horror writer Howard David Ingham who grew up and lives in Wales checked the story over for me before the event and declared the traditions and Welsh elements sound. As for my attempts at pronouncing some of the words on the night… well, that’s another matter!

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Short Story: The Grey Path

This is my longest short story by quite a long way. It features Debbie Carter and her dad Tim, who also feature in a second story I am currently writing. This was partly inspired by David Southwell who writes @HooklandGuide on Twitter and was my first attempt to build a deeper folklore for the town of Badgers Crossing, where many of my stories are set.

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