Feature: The Great Year Long 90s Movie Challenge

Following on from 2020’s 80s Movie Challenge World Geekly News decided to run another year-long movie challenge for 2021, and surprising absolutely nobody, this time we chose to focus on the 1990s. However, while our list last year was taken from the book Ultimate 80s Movies by Empire Magazine’s Helen O’Hara, for The Great Year Long 90s Movie Challenge we worked out a list of the 50 Ultimate 90s Movies ourselves. It was hard work, and a LOT of difficult decisions had to be made, but in the end, I think we came up with a good mix of the high profile and cult movies that define the decade.

This time, due to several other writing commitments, I’ve been unable to take on as many films as I did last year. You can view all the team’s 90s articles to date here and the ones I have written myself are listed below:

Article: The Enduring Appeal of Shrek

Following a rather mean-spirited takedown of the family favourite 2001 animated film by a national newspaper on the 20th birthday of the film’s release, I decided to write something much more positive and upbeat, celebrating everything I enjoy about Shrek. What was supposed to be a short celebratory piece for World Geekly News took on a life of its own and ended up being far longer, and much more heartfelt than I anticipated.

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Film Review: Doctor Sleep

I had a rare chance to get out to the cinema and see a film early in its release schedule so managed to bagsy a review for World Geekly News of the adaptation of Stephen King’s long-awaited follow up to The Shining.

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Film Review: Power Of Grayskull

When I first joined Kickstarter one of the early projects I backed, a documentary about the cultural impact of Masters of the Universe, was one of the first projects that caught my eye. I backed it, and by the time it was delivered, World Geekly News had started, so I wrote a review of it.

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Film Retrospective: Looking Back at Stay Tuned

Written for Den of Geek in 2018, this article, looking back at the 1990s satire Stay Tuned, marked my first serious film research for a written piece, using references far more reliable than Google, Wikipedia and my OK-ish memory.

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