Book Review: Possessed by Peter Laws

I’ve been reading Peter Laws’ supernaturally tinged crime thrillers, the Matt Hunter series since it launched with Purged in 2017. Here is my review of the fourth book in the series for World Geekly News. Read it here

Short Story: Grey Mary

This was written to be read aloud at a Ghost Story event in Manchester just a week before Christmas 2019. Although attendance was low, it received a good reception, which is always heartening. Grey Mary is based on a real folk tradition called Mari Lwyd which takes place in the winter months in South Wales. …

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Article: Badger Folk Tales From Around The World

Author and Folklore Thursday co-creator Willow Winsham commissioned me to write this for their website after participating in the weekly #FolkloreThursday event on Twitter with several weeks’ worth of badger-related folklore facts. Read it here

Film Review: Doctor Sleep

I had a rare chance to get out to the cinema and see a film early in its release schedule so managed to bagsy a review for World Geekly News of the adaptation of Stephen King’s long-awaited follow up to The Shining. Read it here

Film Retrospective: Martin (1978)

A review of George A Romero’s disturbing, yet thought-provoking vampire film, Martin. Written for World Geekly News’ for day 13 of their 31 Days of Horror Halloween 2019 celebrations. Read it here