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Hi there – thanks for visiting my site which is still very much under construction. It will be ready at some point in the near future. Soon I hope to feature examples of my writing, photography and graphic design. In the meantime, why not check out some of my work?

You can find me on Twitter most days – a selection of tweets from my feed can be found just to the right.

Badgers Crossing

Badgers Crossing is home to some of my short stories. They tend to be Ghost Stories or Strange Fiction, although gentler in nature than a lot of horror content. I prefer to build tension and atmosphere than rely on jumps and gore for my scares and my stories are usually suitable for most ages 

I’ve recently experimented with recording an audio version of one of my stories.

World Geekly News

World Geekly News is a pop culture website for which I am co-editor and chief writer. New articles, reviews and features are added every week day.

Listen to episode 37 of Man About A Dog Movie Podcast to hear Paul and Kyle talk about how WGN came about.

Or you could pop over to one of the outlets where I have had my work published, including Film Stories magazine where I have a regular column on film music. More non-fiction can be read at Den of GeekGinger Nuts of Horror and Folklore Thursday (who will be publishing something of mine in the coming weeks).

I have had short stories published by Hallowscream comic and Your Truth magazine.

Film Stories Magazine
Den Of Geek
Folklore Thursday
Your Truth Magazine
Hallowscream Comic
Ginger Nuts of Horror