Hey there. I’m Paul. Since 2013 I’ve been a freelance writer specialising in features on film, music and television, sometimes with a nostalgic and humorous leaning. I have written for Den of Geek, Film Stories magazine, Ginger Nuts of Horror and Folklore Thursday. Since 2018 I have been co-editor and head writer for the pop culture site World Geeky News.

I also write fiction which tends to be short ghost stories or strange fiction. I have been known to perform them in a small pub in Manchester that may or may not be haunted. I have had stories printed in the horror anthology comic Hallowscream and online lifestyle magazine Your Truth.

My influences include the magazines Your Sinclair and Fortean Times, Scream! comic, Chris Priestley, Stephen Volk, David Southwell’s Hookland, and Usborne’s Supernatural Guides.

You can find me on Twitter most days under the name @paulychilds. A selection of my latest tweets can be found just to the right.

Please do visit my Writing page for examples of my work and my Contact page to get in touch.

Soon I will be adding details of my graphic design work and photography.